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Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community Half day

Have a great experience with our big friends here!
We offer you to see the elephants live in the real nature without no riding, no hook and no chains.You can enjoy your time with our 5 elephants and 1 baby elephant who is already 8 months old.

Surrounded by the jungle and the mountains of Doi Inthanon, we have created 2 eco-places for our big friends!
Our main goal was to:
- Rescue sick, handicapped and abused elephants
- Provide specialist medical care, food and shelter
- The conservation of our natural and cultural heritage
- To support community based sustainable ecotourism
- Locally source safe organic food for our elephants

Special price 1900 1800 THB

Community Rescue Center for Elephants

All the activities that you can do are : preparing the food / feeding / walking with them to see the nature around the camp / Doing mud spa / bathing with them in the river
Don't miss this amazing experince when you arrive in Chiang Mai!

Time: 08.00 - 08.30 Time: Morning: 07:00 - 07:30 => 13:00 , Afternoon: 12:00-12:30 => 17:30

Program Maeklang Elephant Conservation Community Half day ::

  • Drive about 1 hour to the rescue center
  • Wash & prepare food for feeding elephant
  • Feed elephants and get to know them
  • Take elephant for mud spa
  • Take elephant for bathing
  • Lunch(morning) or snack (afternoon)
  • Relax and say goodbye to them


Adult :: ฿ 1900 ฿ 1800 | Child :: ฿ 1000 ฿ 900

Date :: Qty ::  

This sanctuary has been certified by Marie for it's ethical side, the respect of elephants and the respect of the visitors during their visit.

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