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Why the Elephants Need our Help

Throughout history, elephants have been praised highly. The main threat Thai elephants face comes from human exploitation. Some of these threats include illegal logging and poaching for ivory. Other indirect threats are short sighted and mismanagement policies like industrial plantations and road or dam construction.

Thailand has both domesticated and wild populations of Asian elephants. Domestic elephants are those that get captured in the wild or even bred in captivity. These elephants are then tamed to work with elephant keepers in the logging. They ironically and unwillingly help humans to destroy the habitat they desperately require to survive. The population of wild elephants keeps reducing, and the creatures are struggling to survive. Research has shown that there are only 2200 wild elephants left.

After the government banned logging, people started using the elephants to beg on the streets of any big city in Thailand. Elephants have to walk all day or night on the dirty and congested streets. This is dangerous and unhealthy for them. Often these elephants are involved in terrible traffic accidents. This is why we, Elephant Sanctuary Thailand, have decided to help in offering the urgent help the animals need by working with already established sanctuaries.

Our responsibility at Elephant Sanctuary Thailand is to come up with a list of elephant sanctuaries where elephants get to live in the natural environment. With the increased growth of elephant parks, we have noticed that elephants are still getting mistreated. Such incidences are very discouraging, and that’s why we have dedicated ourselves to recommend sanctuaries that do their best to improve the lives of these elephants fun again. Elephant sanctuary Chiang Mai happens to be one of the best sanctuaries.

At Elephant Sanctuary Thailand we don’t discriminate any of the sanctuaries as long as they treat the elephants with respect, dignity and without abuse. Most of the shelters are non-charitable and non-governmental organizations. They host beaten and abandoned elephants that their owners don’t need anymore. These elephants get to live again like wild animals thanks to the people who visit the shelters or the donations received from well-wishers.

You can opt to visit any of the places we suggest to have fun or volunteer. Begin by booking and get the chance to give scores and reviews for each sanctuary you visit. The more scores and reviews we get, the better we can improve the lives of these gentle giants. So be part of this change and help us save as many elephants as possible.

We are also delighted to provide you with a list of activities you can do during your visit. These activities are not only fun, but also respectful towards nature and elephants. Elephant Sanctuary Thailand gives you the much-needed chance to share your time with elephants, know them and play with them. Do not wait any longer, just book today!

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